Association of Employers Zenica was founded in June 2012 by the 15 renowned companies from Zenica municipality. The Association is a non-government, non-profit organisation which is based on voluntary membership of companies which are mostly of a private type. In 2016. We have almost 80 companies members of Association of Employers Zenica.
The vision of the Association of Employers Zenica is focused on regulating business conditions and their continuous improvement. Its main focus is on:
•    Creating stimulating and encouraging business climate,
•    Disencumber the employers,
•    Reducing the underground economy,
•    Improving solvency,
•    Reducing fiscal and non-fiscal taxes,
•    Free flow of goods and services,
•    Enable foreign investment,
•    Enable healthy competition,
•    Establish public-private partnership.


Association of Employers Zenica mission is to act towards:
•    creating a positive and stimulating business environment,
•    attracting domestic and foreign investors,
•    reversing the decline in unemployment and a gradual increase of employment in the real sector,
•    rationalization of public administration and its reduction to a realistic level.

We are committed to:
•    reducing of the taxes,
•    financial discipline in the country,
•    elimination of the black market,
•    reduction and elimination of parafiscal levies,
•    resolving internal liquidity.

The purpose of assembly of employers in this Association is organized approach to the relevant state authorities, to increase the influence of entrepreneurship and its development, and providing technical and other assistance to the members of the Association of Employers in their work.


The programme of the Association aims at:
•    Protecting the rights and interests of members of the Association in legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
•    Representing the members of the Association in dealing with: State government, Federal government, Canton and local government and unions,
•    Representing the members of the Association in collective bargaining, entering into agreements and labour disputes,
•    Promoting employers’ rights and freedom, protection of private property, developing and regulating the conditions of the market, developing competitiveness and better entrepreneurial environment,
•    Delegating representatives into higher levels of organising entrepreneurs on canton, regional, federal and state level, in order to improve advocacy of entrepreneurs’ interests
•    Cooperating with alike or similar domestic, foreign and international associations and institutions,
•    Improving the cooperation between the employers in Zenica municipality in order to use synergetic  effects of collectiveness to reach better business results,
•    Taking part on tenders, having access to funds etc,
•    And other issues important to the Associations’ members.
The aim of gathering employers into the Association is the organised approach and appearance towards the government, popularization and improvement of entrepreneurship, providing our members with professional and other help.


•    Assembly
•    Executive Board
•    Supervisory Board
•    Court of Honor

President of the Association of Employers Zenica is the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association. The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association (and the Chairman of the Association of Employers Zenica) is Mr. MLADEN PERIĆ Bsc. in Economy, executive of the company PERO doo, with a mandate for a period of two years and the possibility of re-election.
President of the Assembly of the ASSOCIATION of EMPLOYERS ZENICA is Mrs. Senaida Turkić, executive of the company AKSA doo.
Vice President of the Assembly is Mr. Esad Džananović, executive of the company DŽANANOVIĆ TRANSPORT doo.

1.    Mladen Perić – PERO doo – Chairman of the Executive board of ASSOCIATION of EMPLOYERS ZENICA
2.    Alija Sinanović – LAWYER – Deputy Chairman of the Executive board of ASSOCIATION of EMPLOYERS ZENICA
3.    Damir Begić – ALMY doo
4.    Željko Trogrlić – DILAVER COMPANY doo
5.    Eldin Vrače – A.E. SIGURNOST doo
6.    Mensura Sušić – VITA doo
7.    Senad Džanić – CLUB 072


1.    Elvira Šaćirbegović – NAŠA RIJEČ doo
2.    Mirza Hurem – IKB dd
3.    Aida Švraka Čolak – VENEZIA FF


1.    Amra Travančić Imširović – STEP BY STEP doo
2.    Ferid Dervišević – HOTEL DUBROVNIK doo
3.    Nermin Begović – TERMOTEHNIKA INŽINJERING doo

Secretary of the Association of Employers Zenica is Mrs.  PhD Benjamina Šaranović, grad.mech.eng. from Zenica.

Members of Association of employers Zenica

1. ADA Restoran Fahrudin Pivić restoran-ada@hotmail.com U izradi
2. ADVOKAT ALIJA SINANOVIĆ Alija Sinanović alija1711@gmail.com U izradi
3. AE SIGURNOST DOO Eldin Vrače info@aesigurnost.com www.aesigurnost.com
4. AGIĆ-E FF Sanela Isaković i.sanela76@hotmail.com U izradi
5. AKSA DOO Senaida Turkić senaida.turkic@aksa.ba www.aksa.ba
6. ALLEGRO DOO PJ RAFAELLO Vitomir Paškalj vpaskalj@gmail.com U izradi
7. AL-EX DOO Emir Akvić office@al-ex.ba www.al-ex.ba
8. ALMY DOO Damir Begić info@almy.ba www.almy.ba
9. ALMY GRADNJA DOO Mevludin Hodžić visokogradnja@almy.ba www.almy.ba
10. AMICI Pizzeria UR Edin Fišek U izradi U izradi
11. APEX DOO PJ JAZZ CLUB Amel Beganović adzf2014@gmail.com U izradi
12. ATLANTIS Slastičarna Sahida Babić ze.sahida@gmail.com U izradi
13. AVANTI FF Edina Hadžić djuro.avanti@gmail.com U izradi
14. AQUARIUM UR Emilija Lazić lazic.borislav@gmail.com U izradi
15. BONAPARTE Caffe bar Damir Šabić sabic.alen.bonabo@gmail.com U izradi
16. BM RADIO DOO Rasim Spahić office@bmradio.info www.bmradio.net
17. BONUS FILM DOO PJ HARD ROCK Josip Dujmović temosarkic@live.com U izradi
18. BOSNA VET DOO Franjo Bohinc bosnavet@bih.net.ba www.bosnavet.ba
19. CABARET CLUB DOO Ivan Petrović cabaret.bnp@gmail.com U izradi
20. CENTAR Pizzeria Slastičarnica Stojan Grab U izradi U izradi
21. CHARLIE UR Mustafa Muratović mustafa58ze@gmail.com U izradi
22. COLLEGIUM Caffe Bar Alma Sofić alma71sofic@gmail.com U izradi
23. CLUB 072 UR Senad Džanić senaddzanic@gmail.com U izradi
24. DAJIĆ DOO Senad Dajić dajic@dajic.ba www.dajic.ba
25. DILAVER COMPANY DOO Željko Trogrlić salih.dilaver@gmail.ba www.dilaver-company.com.ba
26. DŽANANOVIĆ TRANSPORT DOO Esad Džananović dzananov@bih.net.ba www.dzananov.ba
27. DUBROVNIK DOO Ferid Dervišević dubrovnik.hotel@gmail.com www.hoteldubrovnik.ba
28. E DIZAJN SD Emir Šabić info@e-dizajn.net www.e-dizajn.net
29. ETIC DOO Bekir Đidić samir.djanan@etic.ba www.etic.ba
30. EKRAN DOO Branko Marković ekran@ekran.com.ba www.multiplexekran.ba
31. EMPORIO Restoran Albin Sendić sendical@gmail.com U izradi
32. ENA FF Kenan Mecan U izradi U izradi
33. EUROCOPY UD Mirsad Uzunović euroccopy@yahoo.com U izradi
34. EVROPA 3A UR Beatris Agić belma.jasmin@hotmail.com U izradi
35. FILM GROUP DOO Azra Dedić dzenandedich@gmail.com U izradi
36. FONTANA Pansion Adnan Fejzić info@pansion-fontana.ba www.pansion-fontana.ba
37. FORMA DOO Sabina Hodžić forma-ze@bih.net.ba www.formazenica.com.ba
38. FRIENDS Caffee bar Lea Tolić tola.marinko@hotmail.com U izradi
39. GATTO DOO Ferhat Pivić beno.pivic@gmail.com U izradi
40. IKB DD Mirza Hurem ikbzenica@ikbze.com.ba www.ikbze.com.ba
41. HENNESSY Caffe bar Benjamin Hajduk benjo_hajduk@hotmail.com U izradi
42. KING FF Adnan Luković ffkingbih@hotmail.com www.fastfood-king.com
43. KRISTAL II Slastičarna Edina Serdarević dina.musovic@gmail.com U izradi
44. KRISTAL III Slastičarna Alma Mušović kristalalma@gmail.com U izradi
45. MAIDA Restoran Nesib Turbić maida.turbic@yahoo.com U izradi
46. MAKE COFFEE FF Sabina Žerajić sabizera@hotmail.com U izradi
47. McMILANO FF Nermin Mulahmetović emaniajna@gmail.com U izradi
48. MEDO Caffe bar Nela Hrvač nelahrvac.nh@gmail.com U izradi
49. MES DOO Harun Imamović mesdoo@bih.net.ba www.mes.ba
50. M&G Caffe bar Mirko Cvitanović mirkocvitanovic966@gmail.com U izradi
51. NAŠA RIJEČ DOO Sajto Čehović nasarijec@bih.net.ba www.nasarijec.ba
52. OMLADINAC DOO Mirsad Dervenčić omladinacdm@hotmail.com U izradi
53. PACIFIK UNION DOO Dženan Kadrić pacifik@bih.net.ba www.pacifik.info
54. PASSAGE Caffe bar Haris Šarić passage@passage.ba U izradi
55. PERO DOO Mladen Perić pero@bih.net.ba www.pero.ba
56. PONGO Caffe Mujo Koluh mujokoluh@yahoo.com U izradi
57. PP CLUB Caffe bar Adin Perčo percoadin95@gmail.com U izradi
58. RANDERS Caffe bar Admira Imširović jakutaimsirovic@gmail.com U izradi
59. SBERBANK DD Jasmin Malićbegović jasmin.malicbegovic@sberbank.ba www.sberbank.ba
60. SELECTA DOO Jasenko Bijedić selecta@bih.net.ba www.selecta.ba
61. SLOT TR Mahir Beganović mahir@slot.ba www.slot.ba
62. STARI SAT FF Merima Hamzić nelahrvac.nh@gmail.com U izradi
63. STEP by STEP A.T. DOO Amra Travančić Imširović amratravancic@gmail.com U izradi
64. STRONG AUTO DOO Jasmin Horić mehanika@strongauto.ba www.strongauto.ba
65. SUPERINFO DOO Zumreta Tufekčić superinfo@superinfo.ba www.superinfo.ba
66. TERMOMATIK DOO Laris Babić laris.babic@termomatik.com www.termomatik.com
67. TERMOTEHNIKA INŽINJERING DOO Nermin Begović termotehnikaing@gmail.com U izradi
68. TRATORIA UNO Restoran Jasmina Ćatović jcatovic@yahoo.com U izradi
69. ULTRA Caffe bar Temo Šarkić temosarkic@live.com U izradi
70. UNION-COMERC-CO DOO Ćazim Bektaš cazim.bektas@unioncomerc.com.ba www.unioncomerc.com.ba
71. UŠĆE Restoran Edin Bureković usce.bb@gmail.com U izradi
72. VENEZIA FF Aida Švraka – Čolak aidasvraka@hotmail.com U izradi
73. VERONA Caffe bar Emir Skender zenmires@yahoo.com U izradi
74. VITA DOO Mensura Sušić vita@bih.net.ba www.vita.ba
75. VIVA FF Zahir Dedić dzaja.67@gmail.com U izradi
76. ZEDEX DOO Zilkaid Mahmutović zedex2004@gmail.com www.zedex.com.ba
77. ZENEL DOO Zijad Mecan zenel@telecabel.ba U izradi
78. ZENIT RADIO DOO Senad Bajramović senad@zenit.ba www.zenit.ba
79. ZIZI-TOP DOO Džavid Jašari ukrybac@hotmail.de U izradi